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My Vibe Network - Canberra networking group for women - events

Come and join us!

What is a My Vibe event, and why should you come along?

My Vibe networking events take place regularly throughout the year - usually about twice a month.  This is an opportunity for like-minded women to come together in a room - to share their stories and experiences, learn and grown, make new friends and contacts. The meetings run at different days and times, so there is sure to be one that suits you.

When you get to the meeting, you will experience:

  • A chance to mingle with like-minded small business women

  • An opportunity to make your "elevator pitch" - a 30 second opportunity to talk about yourself, your business and how you would like to connect.

  • A 10 minute "Member Spotlight" is given to a different member each meeting, where they are able to present themselves and their business in more depth

  • A keynote speaker - usually a woman who has built her own successful business, and has a particular area of knowledge and expertise that will benefit the group.

  • Event sponsor prizes - members of the group have the opportunity to donate a random draw prize for each meeting, that gives the winner a free product or service, and gives the sponsor additional publicity for what they do.

As My Vibe’s official photographer, I have been privileged to attend every amazing event (bar one), and sometimes I get to see the behind-the-scenes bits, too.


Davina, Liz and Janie put so much of themselves into this networking group, and as each lady has their own special talent. 


When the three of them come together, magic happens!

tracey murray photographer

Tracey Murray


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